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Nail Down Installation
Laying and Fastening the Floor

The following instructions apply to strip flooring laid on plywood-on-slab, on screeds, and plywood or board subfloors.

Step: 1 Preparing the Surface

With plywood or board subfloors, start by re-nailing any loose areas and sweeping the subfloor clean. Mark location of joists on perimeter walls so that starting runs and finishing runs, which require face nailing, can be nailed into joists. Then cover subfloor with a good grade of 15 lb. asphalt felt/building paper, lapped 2"-4" along the edge seams. This helps keep out dust, retards moisture movement from below, and helps prevent squeaks in dry seasons.

Step 2: Direction of finish flooring

Direction of finish flooring should be at right angles to the joists. This is generally the longest dimension of the room or building and gives best appearance. Begin flooring installation along the longest continuous wall parallel to the flooring direction of most rooms. (i.e. Down a long hallway wall.) Work from there into the room. Use a slip-tongue to reverse direction and complete the rooms. Glue and blind nail the slip tongue. At any change of direction, always provide tongue and groove engagement either with a slip tongue, or factory edge or end.

Step 3: Starting to lay the floor

Location and straight alignment of the first course is important. Place a mark 3/4" plus the width of flooring (3" for 2 1/4" flooring) on the end wall near a corner of starting wall. Place similar mark at opposite corner and insert nails into each mark. Pull string line between nails. Nail the first strip with its leading edge on this line.

The gap between that strip and the wall is needed for expansion space and will be hidden by the shoe mold.

If you're working with screeds on slab make the same measurements and stretch a line between nails. Remove line after you get the starter board in place.

Lay the first strip along the starting string line, tongue out, and drive 6d or 8d flooring nails or casing nails (galvanized or screw shank hold best) 1" from the grooved edge. Nails should be driven into the top surface of strips and counter sunk (face nailing). Position nails over supporting joists, and near ends of strips or into each screed crossed. Keep the starter strip aligned with the string line. (Pre-drilling nail holes will prevent splits.) Also, blind nail starting strip through the tongue according to nailing schedule.

* Always follow manufactures directions

Nail Down Installation Part 2

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