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Prefinished Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered or Laminated Wood Flooring is a manufactured wood floor consisting of multiple layers of woods laminated together with the top layer being the finished floor product. This top layer of flooring is one that is thick enough to be sanded several times if necessary. Most of these products can be either glued, nailed or floated for proper installation.

This product group is most commonly used in areas of high humidity and or slab construction. Because of the lamination process, these products are more dimensionally stable and don't expand and contract as much as solid wood floors.

Rotary Peeled Veneer Flooring is manufactured by assembling multiple peeled layers of hardwood. The layers of hardwood are peeled from the log by a lathe, then glued and pressed together. The cross grain construction of either 3 or 5 layers of wood give the product superior dimensional stability, which allows this type of floor to be installed at any grade level.

Oak Flooring

Maple Flooring

Elm Flooring

Pecan Flooring

Pine Flooring

Hickory Flooring

Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Multiple layers of hardwood assembled in a cross-grain construction for superior dimensional stability Can be installed over most subfloors, including concrete Install on any grade level...on, above, or below the outside soil line Nail, glue or staple-down installation.
Engineered cross-ply construction provides increased stability and strength. Precision tongue-and-groove construction locks each piece of wood firmly in position.

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